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Herbal Tinctures

Extracted from research-backed botanicals, our range of high-performing herbal tinctures are designed to support all your health goals. Shop now.

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Milk Thistle & Vitamin C...
Availability: 196 In Stock

Take care of your liver and put the spring back in your step with a blend of milk thistle and vitamin C. This tincture is extracted from sustainably sourced milk thistle and enriched with 30mg of vitamin C per serving (30 drops) for overall health support.

Propolis 50% Spray
Availability: 199998 In Stock

Sustain an optimally functioning immune system and soothe sore throat discomfort naturally with propolis. EASY TO TAKE™ Propolis 50% Spray delivers a potent serving of propolis in an easy-to-take and easy-to-use spray format.

Valerian Root & Vitamin C...
Availability: 1999 In Stock

Approach healthier sleep and rediscover your inner balance with a blend of valerian and vitamin C. EASY TO TAKE™ Valerian Root & Vitamin C Tincture offers a simple, pill-free way to supplement your intake of valerian and vit C, whatever your health goals.